CRIBSTONE  is Tom McKeon on guitar and mandolin, Sheldon Bird on bass, and Kathleen McGee on guitar.  We perform a mix of acoustic flavored tunes, from blues to folk to Celtic, country, classic rock and contemporary, unusual discoveries, and originals.   In addition to original tunes, we play music from The Youngbloods, CSN, James Taylor, Joy KIlls Sorrow, Talking Heads and Karla Bonoff, to name just a few. 


Tom McKeon
Tom is a Maine native who has been playing guitar and singing since he was a kid.  For a number of years he played with Scott and Sheldon in Cowpie and the Buffalo Chips.  Following that he worked with Sheldon in an acoustic duo called Iron Bridge, and with Scott in Wooden Nickel.    Tom has been writing original songs for the last ten years and cites influences including Mark Knopfler, Lyle Lovett, Gillian Welch and Paul Simon.  “I learn (steal) a little something from all the songwriters I hear, from Lady Gaga to Michael Hedges, and I’m always looking to broaden my scope.”  He lives in Brunswick with his wife, Natalie and his two young sons, Henry and Huntley.

Kathleen McGee

Kathleen McGee started singing at 5, and professionally since 14. Along with originals, Kathleen loves to find nuggets of music by new artists and putting new spins on older songs. She plays a broad range of blues, indie, alternative, folk and even a bit of pop and rock. Kathleen now performs mostly around the Midcoast of Maine.  Kathleen was thrilled to be asked to join Cribstone and looks forward to the joy of three part harmony, exploring and performing new music with these two fellow musicians who know their stuff!



Sheldon Bird

Sheldon has a long and varied performing history.  In addition to playing bass and singing with area bands including Cowpie and the Buffalo Chips (with Scott and Tom) and Iron Bridge (with Tom), Private Idaho, and Hollowbody Electric Band, he has played lead roles in musicals for Studio Theater, Lincoln County Theater, Freeport Players, and Portland Players, and bass in theater pit bands. With an unusually low bass voice, he has sung classical choral music for years with Oratorio Chorale, the Choral Art Society and its chamber choir Camerata, Vox Nova Chamber Choir and its semi-pro ensemble Intima, and now with Vox's successor, Una Voce Chamber Choir, performing contemporary choral works. He's really happy to be playing and singing three-part harmonies with Tom and Kathleen , sharing their love for eclectic acoustic music (and singing high falsetto).  The musical choices are endless with mates like these.  "Remember, if it sounds good, it is good!" - Peter Schickele.

Scott Andrews

(Scott has stepped down from performing with Cribstone as of summer 2019, but we consider him a founding member of the group and his influence can be seen and heard in our mission, song choices and style.)  Scott has played guitar since he was a kid.  He focused on ethnomusicology in college, exploring Japanese, South Indian, Korean, Javanese, and Native American music.  Following college for a couple of years, he played in a duo and performed most nights in restaurants and the occasional bar.  Early on he was particularly attracted to blues and ragtime guitar, as well as folk music, and acoustic artists such as James Taylor.  For several years, Scott played with Tom and Sheldon in the famous, organically grown, rock ‘n’ roll band, Cowpie and the Buffalo Chips.  In his 50’s he learned to play the Highland Bagpipes, something he had wanted to do since his college days.  More recently, he has learned to play the bellows-driven Scottish small-pipes, which CRIBSTONE features occasionally.  Now retired, Scott is playing more than ever and continues to grow as a musician.  He lives in Brunswick with his wife, Sue West, who has her own a cappella singing group, Saheli.