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Hi everyone and we're back!  It's been quite a yer, with illness and injury keeping us from  getting together, but we have been up and running again this summer and wr have several dates coming up in 2023!  Check our calendar and come join us!

"Cribstone was really, really excellent last night!  You guys sounded fantastic - tight and polished and wonderful, with spot-on harmonies and your always- spectacular guitars.   I loved hearing both the new and the familiar."


"WONDERFUL concert, you guys!  


Loved the new stuff - and the old!  Among the many highlights, the cool "3 chord" song Sheldon introduced; your fantastic new song, Tom; and a beautiful performance of "I Ain't Got Nothin'..."!!!  And the addition of the mando, bouzouki, small pipes!


What a treat, and what a neat little venue Drummore Bay is.  Lovely being able to listen without any distractions.  You all are total pros!"


Cribstone is from Bath/Brunswick, Maine

For bookings: call  207-423-5524

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